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Outlook -- sending a message 'bc' instead of 'cc' (Outlook: Mac 2011):

Outlook Backup of Email Messages (Outlook: Mac 2011):

Mark all Read (Outlook: Mac 2011): what's a quick way to mark all messages read?
Click on the "Organize" tab, then the "All Read" button:

Microsoft Office Reminders (Outlook: Mac 2011): this product is part of Microsoft Office 2011, of which Outlook is also a part. When I start my Mac, the Microsoft Office Reminders window opens. I only have one reminder in there at the moment, and I want to open the reminder to change the frequency of how often it appears, but when I double click on the reminder, nothing happens. And when I then close the application and try to open it again (Applications / Microsoft Office 2011 / Office / Microsoft Office, it briefly opens then immediately closes again, so now it won't even let me open the program. What's going on?
Good question...

Outlook annoying sound (Outlook: Mac 2011): For months, I'd hear an odd sound on a regular basis on my Macbook, and I had no idea what was causing the sound, because no message would display. Eventually, I noticed that the sound only occurs when Outlook is open (I almost always have Outlook open, that's why it took awhile to notice). I then took an educated guess that the sound occurs every time Outlook checks for new messages. How can one eliminate this sound?
In Outlook preferences, click on "Notifications & Sounds":

Then UN-check the box "No new messages" in the "Sound" section:

Outlook keeps crashing (Outlook: Mac 2011): Outlook has crashed twice in the last 5 minutes, and today is not the first time it's been like this. Naturally, it doesn't tell me why it's crashing, so I can only guess that it's one or more of the following:
  • That I have too many email messages and attachments (thousands), so it's all bloated and messed up
  • That I have a Google Gmail account connected to Outlook, which seems to cause it problems
  • That the Outlook for Mac software isn't exactly the most reliable in the history of the human race
I deleted my Gmail account from Outlook -- if Outlook crashes less from now on, I'll assume that Gmail was indeed at least part of the problem. Wish me luck!

Outlook turns underscore-enclosed text into italics! (Outlook: Mac 2011): When composing a message, if for example I type 'my_cool_password', it converts the text to 'mycoolpassword'. How annoying! What's this all about?
probably something in autotype/autoformat Preferences...

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