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How to edit a master page in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac:
If you click on a slide's content, and the logo, text or other elements is not editable, then it probably means that the content is part of that slide's master page or part of that slide's theme. Both the master page and theme can affect the look of one or more slides. It's sort of silly to use master pages and themes for only one slide -- their whole purpose is to provide a consistent look for MULTIPLE slides, but there's nothing to prevent someone from using a master page or theme for just one slide. In any event, here's how to edit the master page for the given slide:

Choose View...Master...Slide Master from the PowerPoint menu. Powerpoint defaults to highlighting a blank (new) master page. You don't want that. To edit an EXISTING master page, click on the thumbnail for the desired master page:

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