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Shape Hints

(no ActionScript used)

You can let Flash animate a shape by drawing a 'before' shape on one frame, then draw an 'after' shape on a subsequent frame, then right click on the space in the timeline between the before and after frame and selecting 'Create Shape Tween'. However, sometimes Flash doesn't modify the shape in the way that you would like. You can improve the odds that Flash will animate the shape in the desired manner by using 'shape hints'. (If you want me to walk you through how to do this, give a holler, lol.)

If you have a shape tween in the center of the stage, and if when you move the whole animation to the upper left corner of the stage the shape hints don't move and therefore it 'breaks', what should you do? For some reason the shape hints don't move when you use the arrow keys or the 'Info' panel to move the before and/or after shape. To move the shape so that the shape hints stay attached to the shape, simply select the 'before' shape by clicking on it, then drag it to the new location. Repeat with the 'after' shape.

Download the FLA file

(this example has no ActionScript)	

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