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Kroll Design provides professional services in web development, including all phases from initial design to coding and testing, plus hosting and continued maintenance if desired. Expertise includes usability, cross-platform compatibility, graphic design, HTML forms, Flash animation, JavaScript, SEO, and content management. Clients have included Harvard University, Verizon, Mobil, DIVERSANT, ConsultNet, Advantage Resourcing, InstallerNet, and others.

In addition, I've created the following for clients:

This website includes links to my work in web development, and contains examples of my logo designs; if you would like to see examples of my work in any of the other areas listed above, please contact me. In most cases, the reason that this website does not include examples in all areas is that the client, not I, owns the license for the stock photography used therein. In other words, I don't have permission from the stock photography companies to display my own design work, as silly as that sounds.

In addition, please visit the Tutorials section of Kroll Design. This part of the site contains more content, by far, than all other sections combined.


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